Disponible sur iPad

Learn times table with fun

Your children have a hard time learning their times table ?
ABCTables, a new iPad application, turn that chore into play fun, your kids will really love it !

Try it out, you will be surprised by their progress !

This application is completely different : no predefined answers where children don’t learn anything, no complex settings making it unusable by children.

Key features of ABCTables

– Very easy to use

The entry system is very simple and requires no validation. Gradually, as you type your answer, the application scans your input and warns you automatically when the answer is correct or when it is no longer possible to get it. No need to validate.
With automatic settings in beginner mode, the child learns their times tables in complete autonomy.

– Motivating rewards system

Each time the child improves his score, he wins trophies that can be redeemed against beautiful images. This encourages the child to continue learning his times table.

– Progressive learning while having fun

At the beginning, the system automatically configures the quiz. You just have to choose a table. Gradually, as the child progresses, you get access to a more sophisticated setup, which allows you to work on your child’s weaknesses.
As the quiz is a game for the child, he learns times table easily, having a lot of fun.
In addition to multiplication, the application also allows an intuitive learning of division.

– Artificial Intelligence

At a certain level, the application automatically insists on the weaknesses of the child, forcing him to memorize what he knows less.

– Multiple users

Create as many users as you want. Everyone progresses at their own pace, independently. Challenge members of your family. Even parents can participate.

– Affects all ages, from 6 to 77 years

You think this is just for kids? Think again, ABCTables also sharpens the memory of adults. Run a quiz in champion mode and try to get a flawless, you will be surprised !

– Detailed statistics of the progress

Your children are not talkative about the state of their knowledge of multiplication ? The application allows you, in detail, to know everything about their progress.

– User friendly manual

A very detailed user manual will teach you the precise operation of the application. This will help guide your child in his progression.